Soldier 4 Life

Alchohol will not make the badness go away

We Drink To Much alcohol, We Isolate Ourselves,We act aggressive towards our families, and We have made regretful errors in judgment. We find ourselves on the outside of a community which pledged to never leave a fallen comrade, and we feel like we don’t matter to them any longer. Can’t help but wonder…Who Will Listen To Us Now?

Now more than ever we must listen to, and care about each other; just like when we were in the uniform. This platform is for Veterans from all branches of service; and other community members who have experienced a significant life transitions. It’s a place to share perspectives about the things in life which we may being going through without reprisal or judgment. It is my hope that by focusing on being honest with ourselves, we will somehow slowly alleviate our pain.

Having served over 30 years of active military service, with multiple combat tours, it was difficult leaving the only life I’d known since I left my parents house at 20 years old. I had to finally be real with myself and recognize that I needed to get help to deal with this feeling of loss and disconnection. Talking to others, to include professional counselors, enabled me to turn my focus away from my problems and towards the many blessings bestowed upon me. Finding my renewed since of purpose of helping other Veterans has been my saving grace.

I’m interested in hearing what people in general think about the larger topic of adjusting to major life changes and how they have dealt with their challenges. Additionally would appreciate hearing from Veterans of the Armed Forces on how there transition has gone and what are some of the resources available to Vet’s.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. This really does work because just talking to you has made me feel better today….. it’s possible that together we might just help someone else find their treasures.