20 15 has started with the angel of death visiting the families of three of my close childhood friends in the span of one week. Days when my mind is not occupied as much I have experienced a flurry of emotions that sometimes become very intense. I can be alone watching television at home and all of a sudden a snapshot of deceased soldiers or friends pop into my head. I think as soldiers we tend to become comfortable with the thought of death in the performance of our duties.

When we loose a comrade the fact that we operate in teams or large groups often helps with getting through the grieving process. I can’t explain it, but as a Veteran it seems different somehow. I think its because the camaraderie and cohesion found in military organizations is usually absent in civilian life; therefore we feel alone even amongst family and friends. I’ve started to reach out to other Vets to talk about these emotions and believe it or not it’s helpful to me.

I also intend to continue talking to professional counselors to help me sort through what I’m feeling. I’m interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced these type episodes after loosing a love one or friend; and if so how have you dealt with it? Your comments are truly appreciated and hopefully sharing your story will not only be helpful to me, but more importantly maybe someone else needs to know that Veterans care about each other…


Soldier 4 Life

Peace and Love!