Snow Day In New York

It’s an incredible feeling the moment when you realize how much you’ve taken life for granted but you still have time to fix it. As the saying goes.. “Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees”. I’ve been trying to focus on the big picture rather than be bogged down with life’s little distractors. It’s not always easy because just like anyone else I also have good days and bad days.

Today finally came the realization that I can still be a good Son, Husband, Father, and Citizen; and that I’m not too old to create meaningful friendships, and contribute to my local community. Once I got out of the snow and the uncomfortable dreary feeling was behind me the thinking process took a turn. Getting inside the house during a snow day allowed me the time to be in another environment which was conducive to reflection; and realize that I still have time to fix it if I just get started today.

I’m interested in your story of taking people or circumstances in your life for granted and your efforts to fix it.


Going Inside To Reflect