When I first started my transition out of the military I was so physically and emotionally drained that I felt like a character in some zombie movie. I had given everything I could give when the realization finally set in that my career which spanned over three decades was now over. Life for my peers and friends in the military was not changing, and still moving at a fast pace; but I was now out of the game. I started to withdraw; and actually began to think I will not affiliate with anything or anyone resembling my former life as a soldier once I got back to my home town. This type thinking was actually counter productive and led to destructive behavior. The opposite approach is what is now helping me immensely, connecting to people and creating a new network.


This Veteran Is A Two Time Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Teacher, And Keynote Speaker

Once some of my former soldiers realized I was on Facebook they started to send me friend request, initially I hesitatingly accepted. What I have come to understand now that I have reconnected with many of them is; “Friendship is Essential To The Soul”. Reconnecting to the network made it obvious that I needed them and they needed me. Together we will fight the potential demons such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Alcoholism, and Anger issues. Many former service members have shared their stories of the challenges they had with adjusting to life as a civilian. Upon hearing their stories I came to realize that I’m still a Command Sergeant Major(just retired) school trained, with years of experience in the science and art of leadership. I have to use my skills and abilities to help others. We were trained to fight as teams and units in the military so that is how in my opinion this current fight as a civilian will be won; not by individuals going at it alone.


This Veteran Is Now A College Student And She Is Training For A Shooting and Archery Competition