Today I went down the block to check on my Mom and Dad. It’s been extremely cold here, and we got several inches of snow this morning so I wanted to make sure they are ok. Before I went inside to see how they were doing, I started shoveling the driveway and sidewalks in front of their house; another realization upon returning home…they have gotten old and can no longer do these things for themselves.


Once I finished shoveling I went inside and was asked a usual question from my Mother…”Do You Want Breakfast”? I’m pretty sure I said something like, “No I’m good”… but somehow that must have translated into her hearing, “I’m hungry”, because she just started preparing me a plate of food. It actually turned out to be a good thing because as I sat down with her to eat we started talking about cooking and various recipes. We reminisced about one of my favorite uncles who has passed away and how good his cooking was so great. It seems as though these days when I get in the kitchen and go to work, cooking relaxes me. It takes my mind off getting out of the Army and has turned into a stress reliever of sorts.( which is rather comical because for 30 years of military life I rarely ever cooked and if I did it was not fit for consumption).

So today food was on my mind, which meant that the less productive thoughts were not. I’m loving the fact that my new found hobby is something I can have in common with my mom who is turning 80 soon; it’s also a fun way to get closer to my teenage daughter. (she enjoys being in the kitchen helping me and it bonds us closer together). I think having a hobby or new interest is very important to my transition; I don’t know what kind of feelings I’ll have tomorrow but I’m glad I thought of Food today.


Click the link below for a wonderful recipe. I’m looking forward to you sharing your experience with us.

King Ty

Peace & Love!