Yesterday I had one of those weird kind of days. The morning started off very good with me being motivated to work on my new business that I’m trying to develop. Then later in the afternoon I went down to visit my Mom; we chatted about various things and had a good conversation. She has been really pushing me to be the catalyst for a family reunion later this year so I’ve been keeping her updated on the progress. Mom said she was going to cook as I was leaving; and she always likes for my family to come over to eat when she cooks. As I departed out the back door; I told her after we go to the High School Basketball game we would be back.


High School Basketball

I’m now the designated transportation specialist for the family, so I then went to pick up “The Freshman” from school(my 9th grade daughter);”The Collegiate”(my College age daughter); and my wife from work. No issues up to this point; I’m still feeling good. My mental picture of the rest of the evening went something like this: The Family goes to the High School basketball game; and then we all go over to my moms for dinner, and enjoy a great evening together. However there was a slight problem; everyone else had a different vision on how the evening would go. Once I had everyone in the car I announced; “we are going to the Basketball game”…to which my wife reply’s “The Collegiate wants to get her nails done”…..there went my day. Not exactly sure why I get so frustrated about little things like that; but thank God for High School Basketball because not only did a great game put me in a better mood….but the fact I ran into two old friends from my school days was a joyous occasion.


High School Sports Buddies

I’m interested in hearing if anyone else has those moments of frustration that seem to be for no apparent reason, and if so maybe you can share some productive methods of dealing with it. I’m going to talk to my counselor about it and I hope you would do the same if needed. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and share your thoughts…remember the discussion is part of the healing process…Hooah!