It’s truly amazing how life is such a complex series of unpredictable events for most of us. I remember days as a kid that my mom could not pay the rent and she feared that we would be put on the streets. Those memories have fueled me with a passion to help others who face those circumstances. Upon leaving the military I reconnected with several childhood friends whom I had not seen or talked to in many years. One such friend I don’t think I’ve seen or talked to since we were in high school over thirty years ago. The reconnection occurred because I was seeking to do some community service and was interested in reaching out to a nearby homeless shelter.To my surprise I was informed that my old friend just happened to be the assistant director at a shelter about 20min form where I’m currently living. I had my Soldier 4 Life Team reach out to the Shelter and the meeting between my friend and I was scheduled. I was truly anxious to see him after all these years apart.


You could not imagine the feeling I had once my friend and I finally got a chance to get back together. So many emotions were running through my mind from …”I’m so proud of him for overcoming his own life challenges and now he’s doing this important work to help others”…to…”I’m feeling inspired from seeing what he is doing and I want to help him”. Ultimately I ended up meeting the Director and other staff members at the shelter; and we agreed that my team would help to share their story and support the center in other ways. The picture below is with a young couple I met when I took team Soldier 4 Life back to provide a Christmas dinner at the shelter. Meeting these young people changed my life. How could I be defeated by my problems when people like these are in need of help. Whenever I’m in that type setting my personal problems seem to disappear, and my spirit feels refreshed to know that I’ve done something good. I’m interested in hearing if you have a similar story to share, or if you have comments on this post. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts.


Young couple I met at the shelter

Soldier 4 Life

Command Sergeant Major(Retired)